What is this acupuncture stuff, and why should I come to you?

Learn more about what to expect from your experience as Jen.'s patient.

This is what healing looks like.

What are acupuncture and Chinese medicine?

Chinese medicine is a whole-person healing modality that has been in continuous practice for over 2000 years.  Although commonly referred to in the US as ‘acupuncture’, acupuncture is merely one of the most widely-used treatments within Chinese medicine.

This is Jen.

Who is this Jen. character?

Jennifer Nery, LAc, has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine since 2008, and has run CLINIC Alternative Medicines since 2011.  She's confident, talented, and approaches her work with delight.  Jen. is a general practitioner, but especially loves to work with stressed out women in pain.

CLINIC's reception area.

Where am I going?

CLINIC Alternative Medicines is a warm, welcoming wellness center in the heart of Northampton.  Jen. is not just one of the practitioners, but also runs CLINIC.  The center provides a community of practitioners to help you on your way, and of other clients who are also there to heal and support each other in their healing.